Thursday, 30 August 2007: 4:00 PM-5:00 PM
Lagoon Plaza
Poster Session: Early evolution of the Antarctic lithosphere
Chairs:Ane K. Engvik
Sergio Rocchi
Pan-African granulites of central Dronning Maud Land and Mozambique - a comparison within the East-African-Antarctic Orogen
Ane K. Engvik, Synnøve Elvevold, Joachim Jacobs, Einar Tveten
Crust and upper mantle in Dronning Maud Land/Antarctica retrieved from shear-wave splitting, receiver functions, refraction seismics and 3-D gravity modelling
Bettina Bayer, Christian Müller, David W. Eaton, Wolfram H. Geissler, Alfons Eckstaller, Wilfried Jokat
Sm-Nd and U-Pb isotopic constraints for Late Neoproterozoic crustal evolution from granulites of the Schirmacher Oasis, East Antarctica: geodynamic development coeval with the East African Orogeny
V. Ravikant, Jorge H. Laux, Marcio M. Pimentel
Broadband Seismic Array Deployments and Crust - Upper Mantle Structure around the Lützow-Holm Bay Region, East Antarctica
Masaki Kanao, Yusuke Usui, Tomofumi Inoue, Akira Yamada
New evidences for the early Archaean evolution of Aker Peaks, Napier Mountains, Enderby Land (East Antarctica)
Boris V. Belyatsky, Nickolay V. Rodionov, Sergey A. Sergeev, German L. Leitchenkov, Eugene N. Kamenev
Solubility of TiO2 in Garnet and Orthopyroxene: Ti Thermometer for Ultrahigh-Temperature Granulites
Toshisuke Kawasaki
P-T conditions during formation of a metapelitic gneiss from Clemence Massif, Antarctic Prince Charles Mountains
Adrian F. Corvino, Steven D. Boger, Christopher J. L. Wilson
Early Precambrian mantle derived rocks in the southern Prince Charles Mountains, east Antarctica: age and isotopic constraints
Evgeny V. Mikhalsky, Friedhelm Henjes-Kunst, Norbert W. Roland
Geological structure and evolution of Shaw Massif, central part of the Prince Charles Mountains (East Antarctica)
Vsevolod A. Maslov, Dmitry M. Vorobiev, Boris V. Belyatsky
New findings of alkaline-ultramafic dykes in the Prince Charles Mountains: age and composition
Anatoly A. Laiba, Boris V. Belyatsky, Nickolay V. Rodionov
Major magmatic events in Mt Meredith, Prince Charles Mountains: first evidence for early Palaeozoic syntectonic granites
Nikolay A. Gongurov, Anatoly A. Laiba, Boris V. Belyatsky
Mafic dykes in the southern Prince Charles Mountains: A tale of Pan-African amalgamation of East Antarctica questioned
Evgeny V. Mikhalsky, F. Henjes-Kunst, B.V. Belyatsky, N.W. Roland
"A new alternative view on the stratigraphy and the geological framework of the Permian - Triassic deposits of the Amery Group, Radok and Biaver Lake area, the northern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica"
Pavel I. Lunev, Andrew I. Pogorelsky, Vladimir F. Ilyin
Geology of the Terre Adélie Craton (135 - 146°E)
René-Pierre Ménot, Guillaume Duclaux, Jean Jacques Peucat, Yann Rolland, Stéphane Guillot, C.M. Fanning, Jérôme Bascou, Denis Gapais, Arnaud Pécher
Basement and crustal structure of the Davis Sea region (East Antarctica): implications for tectonic setting and COB definition
Yulia B. Guseva, German L. Leitchenkov, Victor V. Gandyukhin, Sergey V. Ivanov
Crustal structure and evolution of the Mawson Sea (western Wilkes Land margin, East Antarctica)
German L. Leitchenkov, Victor V. Gandyukhin, Yulia B. Guseva, Alexander Yu. Kazankov
A comparative provenance study of the late Mesoproterozoic Maud Belt (East Antarctica) and Pinjarra Orogen (Western Australia): implications for a possible Mesoproterozoic Kalahari-Western Australia connection
Anna K. Ksienzyk, Joachim Jacobs, Jan Kosler, Keith N. Sircombe
The Cambrian Ross Orogeny in Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) and New Zealand: a synthesis
Laura Federico, Giovanni Capponi, Laura Crispini, John D. Bradshaw
Chronologic-dynamic zoning of the Ross Orogen – a current research program of the PNRA (Italy)
Sergio Rocchi, Team Rocchi2004/4.6
Inside the Granite Harbour Intrusives of northern Victoria Land: timing and origin of the intrusive sequence
Rosa M. Bomparola, Claudio Ghezzo
The eclogite facies rocks from Antarctica and Tasmania: different geodynamic settings within the Cambro-Ordovician Ross/Delamerian Orogen
Rosaria Palmeri, R. Chmielowski, Sonia Sandroni, Franco Talarico, Carlo Alberto Ricci
Tectonics at the Bowers - Robertson Bay Terrane boundary, northern Victoria Land (Antarctica)
Laura Crispini, Giovanni Capponi, Laura Federico
Gold bearing veining linked to transcrustal fault zones in the Transantarctic Mountains (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
Laura Crispini, Giovanni Capponi, Laura Federico, Franco Talarico
Aeromagnetic anomalies and gold occurrences in Northern Victoria Land
F. Ferraccioli, Egidio Armadillo, Giovanni Capponi, Laura Crispini, Marco Gambetta, Andrea Zunino, Emanuele Bozzo
Geology of the “Byrd Glacier Discontinuity” (Ross Orogen): new survey data from the Britannia Range, Antarctica
Rodolfo Carosi, Folco Giacomini, Franco Talarico, Ed Stump
Ross aged ductile shearing in the granitic rocks of the Wilson Terrane, Deep Freeze Range area, north Victoria Land (Antarctica)
Federico Rossetti, Gianluca Vignaroli, Fabrizio Balsamo, Thomas Theye

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