Tuesday, 28 August 2007: 5:00 PM-6:00 PM
Lagoon Plaza
Poster Session: Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectonic and magmatic history and processes
Chairs:Detlef Damaske
Timothy Paulsen
Crustal types and continent-ocean boundaries between the Kerguelen Plateau and Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
Karsten Gohl, German L. Leitchenkov, Nicole Parsiegla, Birte-Marie Ehlers, Conrad Kopsch, Detlef Damaske, Yulia B. Guseva, Victor V. Gandyukhin
Magnetic anomalies in East Antarctica: application to definition of major tectonic provinces
A.V. Golynsky
Gaussberg Rift – illusion or reality?
Dmitry A. Golynsky, Alexander V. Golynsky
Denudation and uplift of the Mawson Escarpment (eastern Lambert Graben, Antarctica) as indicated by apatite fission track data and geomorphological observation
Frank Lisker, Helen Gibson, Christopher J.L. Wilson, Andreas Laeufer
Thermochronologic constraints on Jurassic rift flank denudation in the Thiel Mountains, Antarctica
Paul G. Fitzgerald, Suzanne L. Baldwin
A revised geochemical grouping of Gondwana LIP: distinctive sources and processes at the Weddell and Limpopo triple junctions
A.V. Luttinen, P. Leat
Platinumgroup elements in sills of the Jurassic Ferrar Large Igneous Province from northern Victorialand, Antarctica
Ricarda Hanemann, Lothar Viereck-Goette
Petrogenesis of granites in the Fosdick migmatite dome, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica
Satoshi Saito, Fawna Korhonen, Michael Brown, Christine Smith Siddoway
High-resolution airborne gravity imaging over James Ross Island (West Antarctica)
Tom A. Jordan, F. Ferraccioli, P.C. Jones, J.L. Smellie, M. Ghidella, H. Corr, A.F. Zakrajsek
Mantle Heterogeneity beneath the Antarctic-Phoenix Ridge in the Drake Passage, Antarctica
Sung Hi Choi, Jong Ik Lee, Won Hie Choe
Differentiation History of Hubert Miller Seamount Basalts, Amundsen Sea, South Pacific
Andreas Veit, Lothar Viereck-Goette
Aeromagnetic hunt for Cenozoic magmatism over the Admiralty Mountains Block (East Antarctica)
Egidio Armadillo, F. Ferraccioli, Andrea Zunino, Emanuele Bozzo, Sergio Rocchi, Pietro Armienti
Evidence for magma mixing/mingling in lavas from Minna Bluff, South Victoria Land
Mary K. Scanlan, Kurt S. Panter, Nelia W. Dunbar
Erebus volcano, Ross Island, Antarctica: Recent studies, forthcoming publications, on-going activity
Philip R. Kyle, Clive Oppenheimer, Erebus Team
Elongate summit calderas as Neogene paleostress indicators in Antarctica
Timothy Paulsen, Terry J. Wilson
Magnetic anomalies north-east of Cape Adare, northern Victoria Land (Antarctica), and their relation to on-shore structures
Detlef Damaske, Andreas Läufer, Felix Goldmann, Heinz-Dieter Möller, Frank Lisker
Upper mantle seismic anisotropy of South Victoria Land/Ross Island, Antarctica from SKS and SKKS splitting analysis
Mitchell Barklage, Doug Wiens, Andrew Nyblade, Sridhar Anandakrishnan
Short period Rayleigh wave group velocities in Antarctica determined by the cross-correlation of ambient seismic noise from the TAMSEIS array
Moira L. Pyle, Douglas A. Wiens, Andrew Nyblade, Sridhar Anandakrishnan
Plateau collapse model for the Transantarctic Mountains/West Antarctic Rift System: Insights from numerical experiments
Robert W. Bialas, W. Roger Buck, Michael Studinger, Paul G. Fitzgerald
Morphotectonic architecture of the Transantarctic Mountains rift flank between the Royal Society Range and the Churchill Mountains based on geomorphic analysis
Elizabeth Demyanick, Terry Wilson
Microstructural study of natural fractures in Cape Roberts Project 3 core, Western Ross Sea, Antarctica
Cristina Millan, Terry Wilson, Timothy Paulsen
Structure of the Central Terror Rift, Western Ross Sea, Antarctica
Jerome Hall, Terry J. Wilson, Stuart A. Henrys
Young faults in the Adare Basin and northern Ross Sea
Joann Stock, Franziska Dammeier, Roi Granot, R. W. Clayton, Steve Cande, Fred Davey, Takemi Ishihara
Preliminary Backstripping of the Andrill-1B Core: Perils, Pitfalls, and Progress
Travis G. Hayden, MIchelle A. Kominz, Andrill MIS Science Team
GPS Surveys to Detect Active Faulting in the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica
Stephanie A. Konfal, Terry J. Wilson, Michael J. Willis
Airborne laser swath mapping of the Denton Hills, Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica: Applications for structural and glacial geomorphic mapping
Terry J. Wilson, Beata Csatho
Tectonic evolution of northern Antarctic Peninsula from brittle mesostructures and earthquakes focal mechanisms
Adolfo Maestro, Jerónimo López-Martínez, Fernando Bohoyo
Tectonic deformation models for South Shetland Islands, Bransfield Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula
Manuel Berrocoso, M. Eva Ramírez, Alberto Fernández-Ros, Alejandro Pérez-Peña, José M. Enríquez de Salamanca
Tectonic and Volcanic Influences at Deception Island, South Shetland Islands
William S. D. Wilcock, Andrew H. Barclay, Jesus M. Ibanez
Active tectonics on Deception Island (West-Antarctica): A new approach using the fractal anisotropy of lineaments, fault slip measurements and the caldera collapse shape
Raúl Pérez-López, Jorge L. Giner-Robles, José J. Martínez-Díaz, Miguel A. Rodríguez-Pascua, Marta Bejar, Carlos Paredes, José M. González-Casado
Drake Passage and Bransfield Strait – new geophysical data and modeling of the crustal structure
Sergey P. Levashov, Mykola A. Yakymchuk, Ignat N. Korchagin, V.G. Bachmutov, V.D. Solovyov, D.N. Bozhezha
Development of deep extensional basins associated with the sinistral transcurrent fault zone of the Scotia-Antarctic plate boundary
F. Bohoyo, J. Galindo-Zaldivar, A. Jabaloy, Andrés Maldonado, J. Rodriguez-Fernandez, A. A. Schreider, Emma Suriñach
The Scan Basin evolution: oceanographic consequences of the deep connection between the Weddell and Scotia Seas (Antarctica)
F. Javier Hernández-Molina, F. Bohoyo, Alberto C. Naveira Garabato, J. Galindo-Zaldivar, Francisco Jose Lobo, Andrés Maldonado, J. Rodriguez-Fernandez, Luis Somoza, Dorrik A. V. Stow, Juan Tomás Vázquez
Geophysical investigations of P3 segment of the Phoenix Ridge in Drake Passage, Antarctica
Young Keun Jin, Kyu Jung Kim, Jong Kuk Hong, Minkyu Park, Sang Heon Nam, Joohan Lee, Yeadong Kim
The passive subduction of the Phoenix plate remnant at the South Shetland trench
Bruno Della Vedova, Flavio Accaino, Filomena M. Loreto, Umberta Tinivella
“Deep structure of the Antarctic Plate's boundary zone by the gravimetric tomography method”
Rudolf Greku, Tatyana Greku
Three-dimensional P wave tomography of Deception Island Volcano, South Shetland Islands
Daria Zandomeneghi, Andrew H. Barclay, Javier Almendros, Jesus M. Ibanez, Tami Ben-Zvi, William S. D. Wilcock
Crustal architecture of the oblique-slip conjugate margins of George V Land and southeastern Australia
Howard M.J. Stagg, Anya M. Reading
Regional seismic stratigraphic correlations of the Ross Sea; Implications for the tectonic history of the West Antarctic Rift System
Robert C. Decesari, Christopher C. Sorlien, Bruce P. Luyendyk, Douglas S. Wilson, Louis Bartek, John Diebold, Sarah E. Hopkins

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