Monday, 27 August 2007: 5:00 PM-6:00 PM
Lagoon Plaza
Poster Session: Antarctic climate and glacial records 
Chairs:Amy Leventer
Stuart A. Henrys
Recent warming at the Antarctic Peninsula and global changes
Vladislav E. Tymofeyev
"Granulometric analysis of pebble beach ridges in Fort Williams Point, Greenwich Island, Antarctic Peninsula; elements for paleoclimate variations during the Holocene"
Essy Santana, Jean-François Dumont
Orbital and atmospheric forcing of western Antarctic Peninsula climate in the Holocene: The TEX86 paleotemperature record of Palmer Deep
Amelia Shevenell, Anitra Ingalls, Eugene W. Domack
Evidence for a long warm interglacial during Marine Isotope Stage 31: Comparison of two studies at proximal and distal ODP sites in the Southern Ocean
Lora Teitler, Gary Kupp, Detlef Warnke, Lloyd Burckle
Stable isotopic and foraminiferal evidence of Larsen-B Ice Shelf stability throughout the Holocene
Scott E. Ishman, Mike Prentice, Scott McCallum, Eugene W. Domack, Amy Leventer, Veronica Willmott
Analysis of the dinoflagellate cyst genus Impletosphaeridium as a marker of sea-ice conditions off Seymour Island: an ecomorphological approach
Sophie Warny, John B. Anderson, Laurent Londeix, Philip J. Bart
Palaeoclimate reconstructions from the Antarctic Peninsula: Diatoms as indicators of Holocene environmental change
Anna R. Hey, Jennifer Pike, Claire Allen, Dominic A. Hodgson
New approaches and progress in the use of polar marine diatoms in reconstructing sea ice distribution
Amy Leventer, Leanne Armand, David Harwood, Ric Jordan, Ryszard Ligowski
The Scotia Sea: Reconstructing glacial climates from diatom assemblages
Lewis Collins, Claire Allen, Jenny Pike, Dominic Hodgson
Paleocene and Maastrichtian calcareous nannofossils from clasts in Pleistocene glaciomarine muds from the Northern James Ross Basin, Western Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Denise K. Kulhanek
Provenance of recycled stromatolites from the Polonez Cove Formation (Oligocene) of King George Island, West Antarctica
Andrzej Gazdzicki
Kerguelen Plateau benthic foraminifera as a proxy for Late Neogene water mass history and linkages to Antarctic glacial-deglacial cycles
Katherine Johnson
"Adélie Penguins colonization history and paleodiet trends document Holocene environmental changes in Victoria Land (Antarctica)"
Carlo Baroni, Sandra Lorenzini, Maria C. Salvatore, Silvia Olmastroni
Microbial communities in different Antarctic mineral deposits characterised by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE)
Lars Ganzert, Dirk Wagner
A Pleistocene Warming Event at 1 Ma in Prydz Bay, East Antarctica: Evidence from Odp Site 1165
Giuliana Villa, Claudia Lupi, Miriam Cobianchi, Fabio Florindo, Stephen F. Pekar
Early Pliocene circum-Antarctic warming between 3.5 and 3.7Ma recorded in sediments from ODP Sites 1165 (prydz Bay) and 1095 and 1096 (Antarctic Peninsula)
Carlota Escutia, Maria Angeles Barcena, Renata Lucchi, Oscar Romero, Anne Marie Ballageer
Petrographic analyses of lonestones from ODP Drill Sites Leg 188, Prydz Bay, Antarctica
Karel L. Detterman, Detlef Warnke, Carl Richter
Integrated provenance characteristics of glacial-marine sediment from the East Antarctic Margin
S. Brachfeld, S.R. Hemming, T. Van de Flierdt, S. L. Goldstein, M. Roy, T. Williams, M. Rosig
Environmental magnetic records of Mid-Late Pleistocene drift sedimentary sequences from the Antarctic Peninsula, Pacific Margin
Alessandra Venuti, Fabio Florindo, Andrea Caburlotto
Mineralogy of late Quaternary marine sediments from central Ross Sea: a provenance study
Annabella Nagi, Giovanna Giorgetti
Sand petrography and U/Pb detrital zircon geochronology of late Quaternary tills from the Byrd Glacier and central/western Ross Sea, Antarctica
Emerson F. Palmer, Kathy J. Licht
Clast provenance and variability in MIS (AND-1B) core and their implications for the paleoclimatic evolution recorded in the Windless Bight - southern McMurdo Sound area (Antarctica)
Franco M. Talarico, Sonia Sandroni, Andrill-Mis Science Team
Weathered Eocene basalt (Mazurek Point Formation) overlain by Early Oligocene glacigenic diamictites (Krakowiak Member, Polonez Cove Formation): Record of change from mild to glacial conditions in West Antarctica
Fernanda M. Canile, A. C. Rocha-Campos, Paulo R. dos Santos, Luiz E. Anelli
Distribution and origin of authigenic smectite clays in Cape Roberts Project Core 3, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica
Anthony M. Priestas, Sherwood W. Wise Jr.
Authigenic clay minerals in rock matrices and fractures from CRP-2 and CRP-3 cores (Antarctica)
Giovanna Giorgetti, Terry J. Wilson, Cristina Millan, Fulvia Aghib
Geochemical variations detected with continuous XRF measurements on ANDRILL AND-1B core - preliminary results
Donata Helling, Gerhard Kuhn
Determination of and preliminary results from the high-resolution physical properties record of the AND-1-1B sediment core from beneath Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Diana Magens, Frank Niessen
McMurdo Ice Shelf seismic reflection data and correlation to the AND-1B drillhole
Dhiresh Hansaraj, Stuart A. Henrys, T. R. Naish
A high resolution aeromagnetic survey over the Cape Roberts Rift Basin: correlations with seismic reflection and magnetic susceptibility log data
Egidio Armadillo, F. Ferraccioli, Marco Gambetta, Franco Talarico, Andrea Zunino, Matteo Zangani, Emanuele Bozzo
ROSSMAP: Ross Sea Digital Geophysical and Geological Maps
Stuart A. Henrys, Chiara Sauli, Terry J. Wilson, Christopher C. Sorlien, Bruce P. Luyendyk, Nigel Wardell, Philip J. Bart, Fred Davey, Roi Granot, Christopher R. Fielding, Rossmap Group

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