Wednesday, 29 August 2007: 10:10 AM-12:30 PM
Corwin East
Holocene to modern antarctic environments and global change   ORAL
Chairs:Dieter Futterer
Robert B. Dunbar
10:10 AMA circum-Antarctic synthesis of stable carbon isotope variability in Southern Ocean sedimentary sections: Insights from the modern ocean
Robert B. Dunbar, David A. Mucciarone, Luna Federici, David Munro, Lauren Rogers, Matthew Long, Eduard Costa, Jennifer Villinski, John Hayes, Amy Leventer, Eugene W. Domack, Christina Riesselman, Chris Moy, Kevin Thiessen, Michael Lutz
10:30 AMEcological influences on delta 13-C of particulate matter in seasonally ice-covered Ryder Bay, Antarctica
Amber L. Annett, Damien S. Carson, Raja S. Ganeshram, Anthony E. Fallick
10:50 AMA Proposed Community Wide Analytical Network Using a New Approach to Radiocarbon Dating of Antarctic Glacial Marine Sediments
Brad Rosenheim, Eugene W. Domack, John Hayes, Mary Beth Day, Heather Schrum, Mark Roberts
11:10 AMSolar forcing and El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) influences on productivity cycles interpreted from a late-Holocene high-resolution marine sediment record, Adélie Drift, East Antarctic Margin
Eduard Costa, Robert B. Dunbar, K.A. Kryc, D.A. Mucciarone, S. Brachfeld, B. Roark, P.L. Manley, R.W. Murray, Amy Leventer
11:30 AMA record of Holocene paleoclimatic variability from Neny Fjord, Antarctic Peninsula
Claire Allen, Lisa Oakes, John B. Anderson
11:50 AMSea ice concentration temporal variability over the Weddell Sea and its relationship with Tropical Sea Surface Temperature
Sandra Barreira, Rosa Compagnuccci
12:10 PMCan tropical sea surface temperature be used as a first guess for the sea ice concentration temporal variability over the Amundsen and Bellingshausen Seas?
Sandra Barreira, Rosa Compagnucci

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