Thursday, 30 August 2007: 3:40 PM-5:00 PM
Corwin East
Antarctic intraplate and plate boundary regimes   ORAL
Chairs:Andrés Maldonado
Michael L. Curtis
3:40 PMMain Andean sinistral shear along the Cooper Bay Dislocation Zone, South Georgia?
Michael L. Curtis
4:00 PM"Thermochronologic constraints of the tectonic evolution of the western Antarctic Peninsula in late Meso- and Cenozoic times"
Manfred R. Brix, Victor Faúndez, Francisco Hervé, Marcelo Solari, Andrew Carter, Bernhard Stöckhert
4:20 PMEarly opening of Drake Passage: regional seismic stratigraphy and paleoceanographic implications
Andrés Maldonado, Fernando Bohoyo, Jesus Galindo-Zaldivar, F. Javier Hernández-Molina, Francisco Jose Lobo, Anatoly A. Shreyder, Emma Suriñach
4:40 PMThe P-wave velocity structure of Deception Island, Antarctica, from two-dimensional seismic tomography
Tami Ben-Zvi, William S. D. Wilcock, Andrew H. Barclay, Daria Zandomeneghi, Jesus M. Ibanez, Javier Almendros

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