Thursday, 30 August 2007: 1:30 PM-3:10 PM
Corwin East
Antarctic intraplate and plate boundary regimes   ORAL
Chairs:Christine Smith Siddoway
Lawrence A. Lawver
1:30 PMTectonic History of Mid-Miocene to Present Southern Victoria Land Basin, inferred from Seismic Stratigraphy, in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Stuart A. Henrys, Terry J. Wilson, Joanne Whittaker, Christopher R. Fielding, Jerome Hall, Timothy R. Naish
1:50 PMNeotectonic and other features of the Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica, interpreted from multibeam bathymetry data
Lawrence A. Lawver, Marcy B. Davis, Terry J. Wilson, Shipboard Scientific Party
2:10 PM40Ar-39Ar Age Constraints on Volcanism and Tectonism in the Terror Rift of the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Sarah E. Rilling, Sam B. Mukasa, Terry J. Wilson, Larry Lawver
2:30 PMBeyond seafloor spreading: Neogene deformation and volcanism in the Adare Basin
Roi Granot, Steve Cande, Joann Stock, Robert W. Clayton, Fred Davey
2:50 PMCrustal velocity structure in the northern Ross Sea: From the Adare Basin onto the continental shelf
Michelle Selvans, Joann Stock, Robert W. Clayton, Steve Cande, Fred Davey

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