Monday, 27 August 2007: 1:30 PM-3:10 PM
Corwin East
Subglacial lake environments   ORAL
Chairs:Michael Studinger
Irina Filina
1:30 PMTectonic Control of Subglacial Lakes and Ice Sheet Stability
Robin E. Bell, Michael Studinger, Carol Finn
1:50 PMInsight into geology of East Antarctic hinterland: study of mineral inclusions from ice cores of Lake Vostok borehole
German L. Leitchenkov, Boris V. Belyatsky, Nickolay V. Rodionov, Sergey A. Sergeev
2:10 PMNew bathymetry model of Lake Vostok from airborne gravity data
Irina Filina, Donald Blankenship, Valery Lukin, Valery N. Masolov, Mrinal Sen
2:30 PMFlow dynamics and mass balance of the ice sheet above the southern part of subglacial Lake Vostok
Reinhard Dietrich, Sergey V. Popov, Andreas Richter, Valery Lukin, Mathias Fritsche, Vladimir Lipenkov, Alexander Yuskevich, Jens Wendt, Anton Senatorov, Valery N. Masolov
2:50 PMEstimating the salinity of subglacial lakes from aerogeophysical data
Michael Studinger

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