Thursday, 30 August 2007: 10:10 AM-12:30 PM
Corwin East
Antarctic intraplate and plate boundary regimes   ORAL
Chairs:Wilfried Jokat
Audrey D. Huerta
10:10 AMGeodynamic models of the tectonomagmatic evolution of the West Antarctic Rift System
Dennis Harry, Jourdan Anoka
10:30 AMLithospheric structure across the Transantarctic Mountains constrained by analysis of gravity and thermal structure
Audrey D. Huerta
10:50 AMTectonic implications for uplift of the Transantarctic Mountains
Jesse Lawrence, Jolante W. Van Wijk, Neal W. Driscoll
11:10 AMAeromagnetic anomaly patterns reveal buried faults along the eastern margin of the Wilkes Subglacial Basin (East Antarctica)
Egidio Armadillo, F. Ferraccioli, Andrea Zunino, Emanuele Bozzo
11:30 AMA plateau collapse model for the formation of the West Antarctic rift system/Transantarctic Mountains
Paul G. Fitzgerald, Rob Bialas, W. Roger Buck, Michael Studinger
11:50 AMByrd drainage system: Evidence of a Mesozoic West Antarctic Plateau
Audrey D. Huerta
12:10 PMCretaceous and Tertiary extension throughout the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Robert C. Decesari, Douglas S. Wilson, Bruce P. Luyendyk, Michael Faulkner

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