Friday, 31 August 2007: 1:30 PM-2:50 PM
Corwin East
Supercontinent breakup history and processes   ORAL
Chairs:Karsten Gohl
Lawrence A. Lawver
1:30 PMCretaceous oblique detachment tectonics in the Fosdick Mountains, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
Rory McFadden, Christine Smith Siddoway, Christian Teyssier, C.M. Fanning, Seth C. Kruckenberg
1:50 PMGeophysical survey reveals tectonic structures in the Amundsen Sea embayment, West Antarctica
Karsten Gohl, Dimitry Teterin, Graeme Eagles, Gesa Netzeband, Jan W. G. Grobys, Nicole Parsiegla, Philip Schlüter, Volker Leinweber, Robert D. Larter, Gabriele Uenzelmann-Neben, Gleb B. Udintsev
2:10 PMBreak-up of Gondwana and opening of the South Atlantic: review of existing plate tectonic models
Marta E. Ghidella, Larry Lawver, Lisa M. Gahagan
2:30 PMNew Rb-Sr mineral ages temporally link plume events with accretion at the margin of Gondwana
Michael J. Flowerdew, J. Stephen Daly, Teal R. Riley

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