Wednesday, 29 August 2007: 10:10 AM-12:30 PM
Flying A
Glaciation,climate, surface processes and tectonism: The landscape record   ORAL
Chairs:Cliff B. Atkins
Graeme G. Claridge
10:10 AMAdvances in understanding cold-based glaciers
Cliff B. Atkins
10:30 AMMultiple Early to Mid-Pleistocene East Antarctic Ice Sheet variations in the Ricker Hills
Stefan Strasky, Luigia Di Nicola, Carlo Baroni, Maria C. Salvatore, Heinrich Baur, Peter W. Kubik, Christian Schlüchter, Rainer Wieler
10:50 AMStable isotope composition of the basal ice from Taylor Glacier, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Sarah Mager, Sean Fitzsimons, Russell Frew, Denis Samyn
11:10 AMMicrotektites from northern Victoria Land Transantarctic Mountains: evidence for a new strewn field generated by a catastrophic impact on Earth
Luigi Folco
11:30 AMThe "Golden Shale': An indicator of past history of the Transantarctic mountains
Graeme G. Claridge, Iain B. Campbell

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