Tuesday, 28 August 2007: 3:40 PM-5:00 PM
Multicultural Theater
Antarctica in Rodinia, Gondwana and Pangea: In honor of the contributions of Campbell Craddock   ORAL
Chairs:Carol Finn
Werner Buggisch
3:40 PMPieces of Laurentia in East Antarctica
John W. Goodge, Devon M. Brecke, C. Mark Fanning, Jeff D. Vervoort, Ian S. Williams, Paul Myrow
4:00 PMNew airborne magnetic data evaluate SWEAT reconstruction
Carol Finn, Sergei Pisarevsky
4:20 PMThe Pan-African Nappe Tectonics in the Shackleton Range
Werner Buggisch, Georg Kleinschmidt
4:40 PMSub-glacial Geology of Antarctica- a preliminary investigation and results in the Grove Mountains and Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica and its tectonic implication
Yue Zhao, Shuan-Hong Zhang, Xiao-Chun Liu, Jian-Min Hu, Jian Liu, Yan-Bin Pan, Mei-Jian An, Gang Xu

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