Monday, 27 August 2007: 3:40 PM-5:00 PM
Multicultural Theater
Antarctica in Rodinia, Gondwana and Pangea: In honor of the contributions of Campbell Craddock   ORAL
Chairs:David H. Elliot
John P. Craddock
3:40 PMMajor, trace element and stable isotope geochemistry of synorogenic breccia bodies, Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica
John P. Craddock, Michael S. McGillion, Gerald F. Webers
4:00 PMJurassic silicic volcanism in the Transantarctic Mountains: was it related to plate margin processes or to Ferrar magmatism?
David H. Elliot, T.H. Fleming, K.A. Foland, C.M. Fanning
4:20 PMHistory of views on the relative positions of Antarctica and South America: a 100-year tango beween Patagonia and the Antarctic Peninsula
Hubert M. Miller
4:40 PMNeogene tectonic events in the West Antarctic rift system inferred from comparisons with the East African rift and other analogs
Wesley E. Le Masurier

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