Thursday, 30 August 2007: 10:10 AM-12:30 PM
Corwin West
Ice sheet history and dynamics: Solid-earth, subglacial, terrestrial, and marine geological records   ORAL
Chairs:Sandra Passchier
Kathy J. Licht
10:10 AMCharacteristics of till transported by the Byrd and Nimrod Glaciers, Antarctica
Kathy Licht, Emerson Palmer
10:30 AMProvenance of glacially transported material near Nimrod Glacier, East Antarctica: Implications for the ice-covered East Antarctic shield
Devon M. Brecke, John W. Goodge
10:50 AMRecords of past ice sheet fluctuation in interior East Antarctica
Xiaohan Liu
11:10 AMSpores and pollen from glacial erratics in the Grove Mountains, east Antarctica
Aimin Fang, Xiaohan Liu, Weimin Wang, Jong Ik Lee
11:30 AMSix million years of environmental (glacial—interglacial) conditions preserved in volcanic lithofacies of the James Ross Island Volcanic Group, northern Antarctic Peninsula
John L. Smellie, Anna E. Nelson, Joanne S. Johnson, J.S. Johnson, William C. McIntosh, Richard Esser, Magnus T. Gudmundsson, Michael J. Hambrey, Ben van Wyk De Vries
11:50 AMMio-Pliocene ice-volcano interactions at monogenetic volcanoes near Hobbs Coast, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
Thomas I. Wilch, William C. McIntosh
12:10 PMLate Miocene volcanism and glaciation at Minna Bluff, Antarctica
Thomas I. Wilch, William C. McIntosh, John L. Smellie, Nelia W. Dunbar, Andrew Fargo, Mary K. Scanlan, Paul D. Roberts, Kurt S. Panter

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