Thursday, 30 August 2007: 3:40 PM-5:00 PM
Flying A
Instability in antarctic ice shelves   ORAL
Chairs:Robert B. Dunbar
Fabrizio Zgur
3:40 PMNew marine sediment core data support Holocene stability of the Larsen B Ice Shelf
Eugene W. Domack, Amy Leventer, Veronica Willmott, S. Brachfeld, Scott E. Ishman, Bruce Huber, Michele Rebesco, Fabrizio Zgur, Laurie Padman, Robert Gilbert
4:00 PMGeophysical survey of the thick, expanded sedimentary filling of the new-born Crane fjord (former Larsen B Ice Shelf, Antarctica)
Fabrizio Zgur, Michele Rebesco, Eugene W. Domack, Amy Leventer, Stephanie Brachfeld, Veronica Willmott
4:20 PMAntarctic tabular iceberg evolution during northward drift: a proxy system for studying ice shelf breakup
Ted A. Scambos, Jennifer Bohlander, Terry Haran, Ronald Ross, Robert Bauer
4:40 PMModelling seasonal and inter-annual variability of the Amundsen Sea shelf waters
Malte Thoma, Adrian Jenkins

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