Thursday, 30 August 2007: 10:10 AM-12:30 PM
Multicultural Theater
The state of permafrost in a changing environment   ORAL
Chairs:David Sugden
G. Vieira
10:10 AMThe permafrost environment of Northwest Hurd Peninsula (Livingston Island, Maritime Antarctic). Preliminary results
G. Vieira, Miguel Ramos, S. Gruber, C. Hauck, J. Blanco
10:30 AMPermafrost and active layer monitoring in the Maritime Antarctic. Preliminary results from CALM sites on Livingston and Deception Islands
Miguel Ramos, G. Vieira, S. Gruber, J. Blanco, C. Hauck, M. Hidalgo, D. Tome, M. Neves, A. Trindade
10:50 AMOrganic C stocks in cryosols from Admiralty Bay, Maritime Antarctica
Felipe Nogueira Bello Simas, Carlos Ernesto G. R. Schaefer, Eduardo de Sá Mendonça, Ivo Ribeiro Silva, Rogério Mercandelle Santana
11:10 AMQuantifying sublimation of buried glacier ice in Beacon Valley
Douglas E. Kowalewski, David R. Marchant
11:30 AMThermal regime, isotopic and morphological characteristics of ice wedges in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Rossana Raffi, Barbara Stenni, Laura Genoni, Onelio Flora, Simone Sega

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