Tuesday, 28 August 2007: 3:40 PM-5:00 PM
Corwin West
Climate transitions: Greenhouse-refrigerator-freezer   ORAL
Chairs:Philip J. Bart
Christina R. Riesselman
3:40 PMEvidence for synchronous glaciation of Antarctica and the Northern Hemisphere during the Eocene and Oligocene: Insights from Pacific records of the oxygen isotopic composition of seawater
Aradhna K. Tripati, C.F. Dawber, P. Ferretti, J. Backman, H. Elderfield, H. Macintyre
4:00 PMSediment accumulation rates from the Ross Sea continental shelf and deepwater sites, Antarctica: A physical proxy for the onset of polar conditions
Samuel W. Gray, Philip J. Bart
4:20 PMHigh resolution stable isotope and carbonate variability during the early Oligocene climate transition: Walvis Ridge (ODP Site 1263)
Christina R. Riesselman, Robert B. Dunbar, David A. Mucciarone, Saya S. Kitasei
4:40 PMShowing a strong link between climatic and p CO2 changes: resolving discrepancies between oceanographic and Antarctic climate records for the Oligocene and early Miocene (34-16 Ma)
Stephen F. Pekar, Nicholas Christie-Blick

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