Thursday, 30 August 2007: 1:30 PM-3:10 PM
Flying A
Cretaceous and Tertiary climates of Antarctica   ORAL
Chairs:Vanessa Thorn
Judd A. Case
1:30 PMContributions to the Eocene climate record of the Antarctic Peninsula
Linda C. Ivany
1:50 PMOpening of the Drake Passage: does this event correlate to climate change and biotic events from the Eocene La Meseta Formation, Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula?
Judd Case
2:10 PMPalynoflora of Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands: Contribution to the understanding of the evolution of the southern pacific Gondwana margin
Sylvia Palma-Heldt
2:30 PMNeogene environmental history deduced from glacigenic sediments on James Ross Island, northern Antarctic Peninsula
Anna E. Nelson, John L. Smellie, Michael J. Hambrey, Mark Williams, Ulrich Salzmann, Maryline J. Vautravers
2:50 PMBiogeographical relationship of the Cenozoic South America - Antarctic bryozoan biota: an example of austral Aspidostoma genus
Urszula Hara

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