Monday, 27 August 2007: 3:40 PM-5:00 PM
Corwin West
Antarctica, the southern ocean, and climate evolution: Insights from drilling, coring, and geophysical surveys   ORAL
Chairs:Peter Barrett
Gary Wilson
3:40 PMThe diatom record of the ANDRILL McMurdo Ice Shelf project drillcore
Reed Scherer, Diane Winter, Charlotte Sjunneskog, Paola Maffioli
4:00 PMPreliminary 40Ar/39Ar results from the AND-1B core
Jake I. Ross, William C. McIntosh, Nelia W. Dunbar
4:20 PMPreliminary chronostratigraphy for the upper 700 m (upper Miocene Pleistocene) of the AND-1B drillcore recovered from beneath the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Gary S. Wilson, Richard H. Levy, Greg Browne, Fabio Florindo, Stuart A. Henrys, Ian Graham, William C. McIntosh, R. M. McKay, T. R. Naish, Christian Ohneiser, Ross D. Powell, Jake I. Ross, Leonardo Sagnotti, Reed Scherer, Charlotte Sjunneskog, C. Percy Strong, Marco Taviani, Diane Winter
4:40 PMFuture geological drilling in Antarctica a discussion paper on ANDRILL and beyond
Peter Barrett, P.N. Webb, Dieter Futterer, Claudio Ghezzo, M. R. A Thomson, A. R. Pyne, F. Rack

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