Tuesday, 28 August 2007: 10:10 AM-12:30 PM
Corwin West
Antarctica, the southern ocean, and climate evolution: Insights from drilling, coring, and geophysical surveys   ORAL
Chairs:John B. Anderson
R. M. McKay
10:10 AMSeismic and chronostratigraphic results from SHALDRIL II, northwestern Weddell Sea
John B. Anderson, Julia S. Wellner, Sherwood Wise Jr., Steve Bohaty, Patricia Manley, Tyler Smith, Fred Weaver, Denise Kulhanek
10:30 AMGlacial dynamics of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in the southern Bellingshausen Sea during the last glacial cycle
Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand, Sara Benetti, Werner Ehrmann, Robert D. Larter, Colm O'Cofaigh, Julian A. Dowdeswell, Hannes Grobe, A.G.C. Graham
10:50 AMA glacial to interglacial sediment model and retreat history for the Ross Ice (Sheet) Shelf in Western Ross Sea since the Last Glacial Maximum
R. M. McKay, G. B. Dunbar, T. R. Naish, Peter Barrett, L. Carter, M. A. Harper
11:10 AMDoes the Late Pliocene change in the architecture of the Antarctic margin correspond to the transition to the modern Antarctic Ice Sheet?
Michele Rebesco, Angelo Camerlenghi
11:30 AMEast Antarctic ice-sheet dynamics 5.2-0 Ma from a high-resolution terrigenous particle size record, ODP Site 1165, Prydz Bay-Cooperation Sea
Sandra Passchier
11:50 AMInsights into the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, 3.5 to 19 Ma, inferred from iceberg provenance
Trevor Williams, Tina Van de Flierdt, Elena Chung, Martin Roy, Sidney R. Hemming, Steven L. Goldstein, Maria Abrahamowicz, Bruno Tremblay
12:10 PMAntarctic ice-rafted detritus in the South Atlantic: Indicators of iceshelf dynamics or ocean surface conditions?
Simon H. H. Nielsen, David A. Hodell

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