Tuesday, 28 August 2007: 1:30 PM-3:10 PM
Corwin West
Antarctica, the southern ocean, and climate evolution: Insights from drilling, coring, and geophysical surveys   ORAL
Chairs:Jim Kennett
Carlota Escutia
1:30 PMNew insights into submarine geomorphology and depositional processes along the George V Land continental slope and upper rise (East Antarctica)
Laura De Santis, Giuliano Brancolini, Daniela Accettella, Andrea Cova, Andrea Caburlotto, Federica Donda, Claudio Pelos, Fabrizio Zgur, Massimo Presti
1:50 PMExtensive debris flows on the eastern Wilkes Land margin: a key to changing glacial regimes
Carlota Escutia, Federica Donda, Lobo Francisco, Manabu Tanahashi
2:10 PMCenozoic environmental changes along the East Antarctic continental margin inferred from regional seismic stratigraphy
German L. Leitchenkov, Yulia B. Guseva, Victor V. Gandyukhin
2:30 PMEast Antarctic Ice Sheet fluctuations during the Middle Miocene Climatic Transition inferred from faunal and biogeochemical data on planktonic foraminifera (Kerguelen Plateau)
Marina Verducci, Luca M. Foresi, George H. Scott, Massimo Tiepolo, Mario Sprovieri, Fabrizio Lirer
2:50 PMAbrupt turnover in calcareous-nannoplankton assemblages across the Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum: implications for surface-water oligotrophy over the Kerguelen Plateau, Southern Indian Ocean
Shijun Jiang, Sherwood Wise Jr.

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